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Through our international youth activity, and Mongolian-German youth friendship programs we have collected information about Mongolia, thus we have created "MongoleiOnline" homepage, for people who speak German.

Taking this opportunity we would like to promote friendship among people in our continents. Our general goal is helping but not commercial. MongoleiOnline provides information about the country and people of a splendid nation which are established an independent thinking.

With more than 500 pages and it is the biggest homepage about Mongolia in the world in German Language. Since April of 1998 MongoleiOnline located under the address  can be obtained by all users of the internet. Also MongoleiOnline information in the internet can be obtained through,,,,,,, and

Each data in online area has their costs ,thus we would like to get financial support for extending our project.

At this time there are around 5.000 people are visiting per day to MongoleiOnline each day. Most of the users are Germans and Mongolians themselves. There fore our homepage be a great place for your advertisement.

Advertisement on our page can be just a name ,address of your company, and in addition to that you can be general sponsor of our page. The imagination of advertising has no limits. Be paying at least 10,- EURO or 10 US$ per month , you will be our partner. The payment can be done in Germany or in Mongolia. We are also able to design an extra homepage for you.

price list of MongoleiOnline advertisement

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If you want more information about our work you can find it at Or we will send you further information.

If you miss any references about our work about Mongolia ,it is available from the German embassy in Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian embassy in Berlin, and German Mongolian friendship association in Bonn.

We would be grateful if you would like to be our partner in MongoleiOnline.

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