Gankhuyag Natsag

Mongolian Art

Gankhuyag was born on 2nd December 1961 as a son of the Natsag family in Ulaanbaatar.

His parents are famous painters and masters of handmade "tsam" masks and sculptures in the traditional Mongolian style. He learned much from his parents.

After having finished secondary school, he worked at the Union of Mongolian artists. He participated in many traditional festivals and exhibitions. The first one was held in Germany in 1992.

During the years 1989, 1991 and 1995, he worked for the groups "Tumen Erkh" and "Temuzhin Monkh" as well as for the National Folk, Song and Dance Ensemble of Mongolia. He made the "tsam" dance masks and costumes.

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Gankhuyag Natsag - Atelier (Studio) in Ulaanbaatar


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