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Action Program of the Government of Mongolia

The Government of Mongolia formed as a result of the third Parliamentary elections defines its Action Program for the next four years on the basis of the election program of the MPRP.

The key objectives of the Action Program of the Government of Mongolia are to:

One. Social Policy

The key objectives of the social sector lie in creating an environment for human development, improving the living standard of citizens, ensuring an equal access to social services, and reducing unemployment and poverty.

1. An environment which provides people with equal opportunity and access to education shall be created; the system of basic education and all types of professional training shall be developed in compliance with individual’s interest, needs of the society and the market force; and a system that provides with modern education shall be established.

2. Health service quality and health preventive measures shall be developed to the international standards; the objectives to improve population health and increase the average life expectancy shall be achieved. In order to achieve the objectives:

3. The Government shall work to ensure an intensive development of national culture and arts in conformity with the world cultural achievements and values and the unique features of Oriental culture.

4. The Government shall implement a national program on boosting scientific & technological capabilities and acquiring new comparative advantage of development and shall increase the value of works of scientists and researchers.

5. The Government shall improve the wealth and income distribution system; stale the decline in the living standard of the people; narrow the income gap among social groups and eliminate absolute poverty.




A sustainable and high economic growth shall be ensured by reinforcing a macro economic stability and intensifying structural reforms based on export-oriented and private sector led economy. The priority shall be given to improvement of processing level of mining and animal-origin raw materials and development of export-oriented and tourism industries.

The economic growth shall be accelerated, and by 2004, shall be reached to 6 percent. In order to achieve of the objectives, the following policies shall be implemented:

  1. Ensure macroeconomic stability:

Tax issues:

Fiscal issues:

2. Build up sound banking and financial sectors:

3. Continuation of the privatization process and improving its efficiency:


  1. Rehabilitation of domestic industries and export promotion:

Support to domestic industries:


Increase the mining products export:



Enhancing geological survey and provision of mineral reserves:


Stale decline in Crop industry:



Tourism industry as a priority sector:



  1. Development of regional infrastructure:



Three. Regional and Rural Development Policy


Essential basic conditions for settling and improving their lives citizens in the particular rural areas will be created through the development economy in regions, the establishment of regional infrastructure and the implementation of taxation, investment and credit policies consistent to the development of the areas. The following actions will be taken to achieve the goal.



In Western region:



In Khangai region:



In Central region:



In Eastern region:



In Capital City:





The Government shall aim to rationally utilize the natural resources with due consideration of deposits, to ensure an eco-oriented economic growth by the means of restoring nature, to define the civil rights and liabilities related to the utilization and protection of local natural resources and to create a mechanism of self awareness among the citizens in protecting the nature and environment. The following actions will be taken to achieve the set goal.




1. The system of Mongolian defense and military reform policy will be implemented in accordance to the principles of State military policy and measures will be taken to eradicate the distortions and hindrances emerged in the system during the recent years. The following action will be taken to achieve the goals.



2. Measures will be taken towards the protection and preservation of Mongolia’s independence, creation of a conducive environment for peaceful life to its people. The following action will be taken in the framework of the goal.



3. Government will be committed in implementing all the principles, stipulated in the Mongolian National Security Guidelines and the Foreign Policy Principles, adjusting to the new changing situation in the World and Mongolia, and will run a multi-pole, open, independent and active foreign policy consistent with the national core interests and principles of sustainable development. Preserve the continuity and integrity of foreign policies, pursue activities of preserving Mongolian independence and strengthening Mongolia’s status on the international arena. The following action will be taken in the framework of the goal.


In respect to the neighboring countries :



In respect to the countries of APEC :



In respect to the countries of Europe


In respect to the countries of Middle East and Africa


The relations with the UN and other international organizations




Participation in multilateral activities




Developing foreign economic relations

Protecting Mongolian citizen’s rights in foreign countries

In the field of cultural and humanity relationship




The Government shall strive in setting up a "Good Governance" that would develop and implement efficient and effective government policies, serve efficiently and timely the people, meet their basic needs and requirements, and establish justice. Actions towards achieving the objectives are as follows:



  1. Improve the accountability system of public service, raise and strengthen it’s reputation and capacity.



  1. Intensify the pace of legal reforms and improve the implementation of laws.



  1. Implement measures on the decisive struggle against corruption, bribery, crime and destruction of their formation.






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