Supporting Centre for Families Mongolia

We are working for families who need any kind of support

Psycho-social support
Giving advice, helping to solve families problems, helping to organize good life, helping to learn new things, helping to find a way to make all good,

Financial support
Finding sponsors for families, for children, giving chance to start to live creative.

Do you want to support one Family in Mongolia?

Why need families in Mongolia your Support?

How do you support your Mongolian family?

Teaching to grow vegetables
Teaching languages for children
Teaching some others as handicraft
Teaching how to cook cheap and delicious
Teaching how to recycle
Sending old clothes
Sending old books
Sending old Toys
Sending old house supplies
Sending some school items
Sending medicaments


You can support education of child for one years monthly 35$
You can support a handicraft of wife for her  income for one yearmonthly 20$
You can support a husband to start some business for  one year monthly 20$
You can pay for medical service for ill member of  family for one year monthly 40$
You can support them for buying new livestock’s 3 months monthly 100$
You can support them to get new house 3 years monthly 100$


You can support one family general
You can have your own idea

Contact to your Mongolian Family

SCFF Mongolia has with all families contact, them your help need.
We send you Introduction and photos of family who get your support, and their letters.
You will get every three months small letter with photos from your family in English, Japanese or German.

You can visit this family any time.
You can invite this family any time.

Do you want to start your sponsorship program ?

Please choose one or some of support programs

Please contact us:

Supporting centre for families Mongolia 
P.O. Box 324
Ulaanbaatar 210644
Tel: 00976-99-193866
Fax: 00976-11-634073

Bank-Account Nr: 2139023, SCFF Mongolia
Golomt Bank 6, Ulaanbaatar 210620A, Mongolia

Benötigen Sie eine Spendenquittung für das Finanzamt? Spenden können auch auf das Konto der Deutsch-Mongolischen Gesellschaft e.V. überwiesen werden. Die Spenden werden dann in die Mongolei weitergeleitet:

Konto-Nr.: 87700
BLZ: 370 501 98
bei der Sparkasse KölnBonn
Inhaber: Deutsch-Mongolische Gesellschaft e.V.
Stichwort: Supporting Centre for Families Mongolia


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