Grosse Unternehmen in der Mongolei

Stand 31.8.2000

State owned Companies / Staatliche Konzerne:

Erdenet Corporation, Mongolian-Russian joint venture (51% MGL)
General Director D. Dorligjav
Office in Ulaanbaatar:
Chairman D. Nyamgerel
Peace Avenue-14, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-320561
Fax: 976-11-312039
The largest Mongolian mining complex as it mines copper ore enriched copper and molybdenym copper ore enriched molybdenum copper.

MIAT Mongolian Airlines
General Director G. Nyamdavaa
Buyant-Ukhaa, P.O.Box-45, Ulaanbaatar-34, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-379935
Fax: 976-11-379919
Air transport, offers and chattered services to all domestic airports as well as to overseas distinations such as Moskow, Beijing, Berlin, Irkutstk, Hoh-hot, Seoul and Osaka.

General Director R. Byambaa M.D. Ph.D
Ulaanbaatar-28, Mongolia
Ikh toiruu-39
Tel.: 976-11-323961, -324656, -323917
Fax: 976-11-323877
The Concern under the Ministry of Health is a state owned company which has main reponsibility for supply drugs and medical devices to people and health institutions. The concern has 24 branches in the capital and rural areas and distributes drugs through public and private pharmacies.

Mongolian Railway, Mongolian-Russian Joint venture (MGL 50%)
Chairman R. Rash
P. O. Box 376, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia
Tel.: 944401, 944402, 944409, 944410
Fax: 976-11-328360

Mongolia Telekom, Mongolian-Korean Joint venture (MGL 51%)
Executive Director S. Ganbaatar
Sukhbaatar Square-9
Ulaanbaatar 210611
P.O.Box-1166, Mongolia
Tel: 976-11-320597
Fax: 976-11-325412
Web site:

Mongolrostsvetmet Corporation, Mongolian-Russian Joint venture (MGL 51%)
General Director Kh. Badamsuren
P.O.Box 002, Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-458072, -458521
Fax: 976-11-458380, -458430
Subsidiaries: 5 Fluor-spar, 2 gold and 1 coal


APU Joint Stock Company
Executive Director Ch. Ganbat
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-342434
Fax: 976-11-343063
Alcoholic drinks and beverages manufacturing

Baganuur Joint Stock Company
Executive Director B. Gantumur
Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
Baganuur district, Baganuur company
Tel.: 976-031-21230, 20230, 20217
Ulaanbaatar representative Office:
Tel.: 976-11-457717
Fax: 976-11-457715
The largest coal producer, supplies almost all coal used by Ulaanbaatar power station Nr. 4, 3, 2 and most of the consumers in the central areas.

GOBI Joint Stock Company
President: Ts. Sedvanchig
Khan-Uul district-6, Ulaanbaatar-52, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-342713
Fax: 976-11-343081
Biggest factory for producing of superb quality garments made from 100% cashmere which considered to be the unique and valuable raw material of animal origin.

NIC Joint Stock Company
General Director G. Munkhbileg
Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar
Premierminister Amar street 20A
Tel.: 976-11-321277, -310789, 326547
Fax: 976-11-327288
- Petroleum Import, Sales, Transportation, Investment

"Spirit Bal Buram" Joint Stock Company
General Director Ya. Jigjid
Spirit Bal Buram Company in Zuunkharaa
Selenge Aimak
Tel: 976-049-2397, -2227, -2176
Spirit factory, honey-cane sugar factory, food factory


Altai Holdings Ltd.
General Director S. Bat-Ochir
Head Office: C.P.O. Box-513, Khukh tenger street 5
Ulaanbaatar 49, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-458076, -313380
Fax: 976-11-458067, -312788
Manufacturing, export import, mining, banking and finance, metals and minerals, foods, consumer goods, electronics, wool, cashmere and textile products, tourism

Bodi International Co. Ltd
General Director M. Zorigt
Ulaanbaatar-11/20A, Sukhbaatar District
Sukhbaatar square 3, 4th floor
Tel.: 976-11-311971
Fax: 976-11-312307
Introducing sophisticated technology, financial services, bank, real estate leasing, trade, gold mining and electric energy

Buyan Holdings Co., Ltd
(produces cashmere and camel hair knitwear garments)
General Director B. Jargalsaikhan
Sukhbaatar District 1-40 000, House 68/4
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-344843
Fax: 976-11-325413, - 326755

Genco Co. Ltd.
General Director Kh. Battulga
Chingis Khan Avenue-28, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolei
Sukhbaatar district, Bayangol Hotel
Tel: 976-11-329101
Fax: 976-11-326880
Manufacturing, trade, service, tourism

MCS International Co., Ltd
(Mongolian Consulting and Services)
President J. Odjargal
Barilgachdin talbai-15, P.O.Box-784
Ulaanbaatar-46, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-312625, -323705, -328105
Fax: 976-11-312175
- official distributor of printing equipment supplier "Rota Corporation", computer equipment supplier "Expression Marketing" and office furniture supplier "Wilsin Office Furniture" of Singapore.
- working contacts with international acknowledged financial donors such as the World Bank, the ADB, the UNO a.o. multinational organisations like FAO, IFAD, Danida, GTZ
- business activities in the field of Tourism and Health Services

Tsagaan shonkhor Holdings
President Ch. Enkhtaivan
P.O.B. 46/608, Sukhbaatar Square 3
Ulaanbaatar 210646, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-326960
Fax: 976-11-311891
Main Activities:
Tourism and Science, International Center of Chingis khaan Studies, Trade, production Mining


Datacom Co. Ltd.
General Director D. Enkhbat
(Data communication & information technology)
Ulaanbaatar-46, Mongolia
United Nations street-49
Tel.: 976-11-312063
Fax: 976-11-320210

Erel Group
General Director Sergelen
P.O.Box-88, Ulaanbaatar-51, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-343563
Fax: 976-11-341739
Gold mine, Housing material producing factory, Construction, Cement factory, Brick factory, Bank, Foundation, School, Career of the sand and crushed stones, Sewing factory, Research Center, Insurance, Auto Machine and mechanism station "Mongolian News" Daily Press

Khaan Bräu Co. Ltd (Mongolian-German Brewing)
Director: S. Otgonbaatar, Klaus Bader
Bayangol District Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-333860
Fax: 976-11- 333860

Mobicom Corporation
General Director R. Ariuntsogt
Enkhtaivni urgun chuluu 3/1
Ulaanbaatar 210620
Tel.: 976-11-312222, -318112
Fax: 976-11-310411
- GSM Mobile Telephone Service, Mobile Telephone Rental Service
- Prepaid GSM Mobile Phone Service, Fixed Radio Telephone Service

Mongol daatgal Co. Ltd
General Director U. Jargalsaikhan
Ulaanbaatar-28, Ikh toiruu 11, Seoul street
Tel.: 976-11-313615, -313697
Fax: 976-11-310347

Mongolian Star Melchers Co., Ltd
Official Distributor & Service Provider in Mongolia of Mercedes Benz & Chrysler Conzern
Director R. Melchers
Tel.: 976-11-318138
Fax: 976-11-323548
Fax: 001 304 316 80 40 (via USA)

Mongolian Transport Team Co., Ltd
Generaldirector Mr. Terbish
P.O.Box-582, Ulaanbaatar-21, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-688404, 688405, 688406
Fax: 976-11-684953
International Freight Forwarders

"Mongol News" Media Group
President Ts. Baldorj
Ikh toiruu-20, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-352483
Fax: 976-11-352495
The Company holds:
- MN-Onoodor, Daily newspaper, The UB Post English weekly, Love Post youth weekly
- Channel-25 television, JAAG-107 FM radio
- Tavan Tsagarig sport weekly, Children’s weekly MN-Be Be Be
- "Na No Sign" Co., Ltd
- Printing house, MN advertising center

International Freight Forwarders

Generaldirector: Mr. Myagmar
Ulaanbaatar 211121 P.O.Box-373
Khan Uul Duureg, Mongolia
Fax: 976-11-682125, 687517
Tel: 976-11-682100, 682250

Petrovis Co., Ltd.
Director J. Oyungerel
Apart. 14, Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-455338, 450199
Fax: 976-11-358.75. 452161
a foreign investment private company whose main business activity is sale and transportation of petroleum products.

Skytel Co., Ltd
Generaldirector B. Erdenebat
C.P.O. Box 811, Mongolia
Tel.: 318488, 322924
Fax: 976-11-318487
The Cellular Telephone Service, Rental Service, Call receiving Service, Prepaid Service, Iridium Rental Service;

"TB Anduud" GmbH
Generaldirector S. Baasankhuu
Bayangol District, 2. Khoroo, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-361192
Fax: 976-11-361055
Backery, Meatexport, Processing, Sales

Trade & Development Bank of Mongolia
General Director B. Midree
Khudaldaany Str. 7, Ulaanbaatar 11, Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-312362, 321171
Fax: 976-11-325449

Tuushin Co. Ltd
Director Mr. Zorigt
Prime Minister Amar Str. 2
Ulaanbaatar 210620, Mongolia
Tel: 976-11-320064, 312092, 945015
Fax: 976-11-322800
- International freight forwarding and domestic handling and delivery
- Multimodal operations and container transport (FCL&LCL) worldwide
- International railway transport, Airfreight worldwide
- Storage and bonded warehousing, International and domestic trucking
- Transit shipment via territory of Mongolia, Cargo insurance agency
- Household removals & Packaging

UB Khivs
B. Jadambaa
Carpet manufacturing & trading company
Chingis Khan Avenue, Ulaanbaatar-36
Tel.: 976-11-342559, 342556, 343313
Fax: 976-11-343313

Zaluu Mongol Corporation
General Director Mr. Sonompil
Seoul Str. Ulaanbaatar city Mongolia
Tel.: 976-11-312627
Fax: 976-11-328564
Canteens, provision stores, Flour manufacturing, Wool processing, Hotel, foreign trade, service, brewing


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